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Who we are...

In a nutshell…?     We are the team that is going to make your business life a whole lot easier.

Wasn’t the promise of technology to make your business more efficient? Incredibly, lots of retailers are stuck with two (or more!) incompatible systems. If only you could get your Point of Sale software to talk to your E-Commerce platform… imagine how many tedious, costly, manual processes you could eliminate. Imagine the money you’d save…better yet – imagine the money you’d make.

What we do...

Cross Channel Integration – if your POS isn’t speaking to your E-Commerce system, we need to talk.

Point of Sale software was not designed to sell merchandise online.  E-Commerce software was not designed to track in-store inventory and sales.  But retailers clearly need to leverage both sales channels in order to survive in today’s marketplace.  Retailers need a framework to support and strengthen all the moving parts of their business… a Backbone

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Sell From Vendor Inventory
Reduce your inventory levels, space requirements and costs all while increasing your product offerings online. Yes, it's for real, put Vendor Inventory to work for you. Read more...

Vendor Dropship
Take selling vendor inventory to the next level. Many vendors will drop ship products directly to your customer. To learn more, Read more...

Dynamic Data Feeds
If you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em. Dynamic data feeds make listing your merchandise with the largest online retailers and advertisers in the world a breeze. Read more...

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What customers are saying

“To simply say that Retail Backbone has streamlined operations for us would be a vast understatement. RB has drastically simplified previously time-consuming, monotonous employee tasks, giving us a nearly immediate payback and perpetual cost and time-saving benefits. Their adaptability and openness in listening to our needs is exceptional, and the response time of their team to support and customization requests is lightning quick. Every single piece of Retail Backbone’s organizational offerings is to be aspired for by all others in the web industry.”  

Joel Harrington
Internet Operations & Marketing Director
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