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Point of Sale

Web-based, intuitive, and easy to use for employees and customers.

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Inventory Management

Ensure inventory is accurate and up-to-date across all sales channels at all times.

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eCommerce Integration

Ensure your ecommerce site is always up to date with the latest product and inventory information so your systems are never out of sync.

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Order Fulfillment

Easily control what inventory goes where, and dynamically generate and receive Purchase Orders with just a few clicks.

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Marketplace Integration

Integrate with markeplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google.

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Automated Dropship

Sell from available vendor inventory and automatically submit dropship purchase orders.

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Rewards Program

Manage customer reward points, opt in and out capabilities, redemption, and reporting.

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Staff Scheduling & Time Clock

Post staff schdules online for easy access by employees. Manage & set alerts for employees clocking in & out.

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Sales Reporting

Slice and dice sales data across all channels for a comprehensive, centralized view of all of your retail operations.

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Client Intranet Portal

Post announcements, maintain employee forms and documentation, and more.

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Customer Segmentation

Generate mass emails to be sent to customers or employees.

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Mobile Warehouse Replenishment

By leveraging our web-based platform and developer API’s, Retail Backbone has integrated with Zebra’s suite of Android handheld scanner devices to offer a fully mobile solution for warehouse inventory management.

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Store Inventory Replenishment

Whether your business employs min/max inventory levels for each store/item or you replenish based on sales activity, Retail Backbone provides a seamless solution to generate replenishment orders.

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The retailers are the brains of the operation...
we are the backbone of the operation.


What We do

Wasn’t the promise of technology to make your business more efficient? Incredibly, lots of retailers are stuck with two (or more!) incompatible systems. If only you could get your Point of Sale software to talk to your E-Commerce platform… imagine how many tedious, costly, manual processes you could eliminate. Imagine the money you’d save. Better yet, imagine the money you’d make.

Retailers need to leverage multiple sales channels to survive in today’s marketplace. From Point of Sale (which wasn’t designed to sell merchandise online) to E-Commerce software and third-party marketplaces (which weren't designed to track in-store inventory and sales), Backbone can fill in all of the gaps and communicate with each system to ensure up-to-date information on all channels. Retailers need a framework to support and strengthen all the moving parts of their business… a Backbone.

Work Process

Retail Backbone's Success Formula

Retail Backbone will not hand over our software and ask our clients to make it work for their business. Instead, our success model is to fully understand our clients’ business logic so that we can adapt and customize Retail Backbone to fit the needs of our businesses.

Retail Backbone's Core
Individual Client's
Buisness Logic
Customized Software

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