We aim to please! Retail Backbone takes great pride in meeting our clients needs, while also working to provide products and services that exceed expectations. We are grateful for the continued working relationships with our clients and partners, and have displayed some of their words for anyone that is considering acquiring Retail Backbone.

"Here at St. Bernard Sports, we love that our system is all in one, thanks to Retail Backbone. Brick and mortar locations, POS, E-Commerce customer service, HQ, buyers, payroll, etc. all use Retail Backbone; which makes life much easier for our employees and our business processes. The new Point of Sale is particularly awesome! It’s extremely user-friendly and easy to work with. We have the ability to do so much from Backbone’s POS that really benefits the customer and Saint Bernard as a company. We’re grateful for our relationship with the Retail Backbone team; they are always very responsive and easy to work with, no matter the scale of the issue."

- Travis Conner Store Manager St. Bernard Sports

"Our experience with Retail Backbone has been fantastic. Not only were they able to help put together completely custom solutions for projects but consistently come to the table with great ideas. In the golf industry, we have a really complex product catalog along with multiple stores and an Ecommerce site. Backbone was able to work with all of our systems to help create dashboards, reporting and tools that work for our business. On top of that, their service is top notch. I’ve never worked with a company that is as responsive as Retail Backbone. They are a great partner to have on board."

- Sara Rubin Director of Ecommerce Austad’s Golf

"To say that Retail Backbone changed the way we ran Moosejaw is a giant understatement. In fact, while I have no regrets, if I could have done anything over again at Moosejaw it would have been to implement Retail Backbone sooner. For several years we made decisions at Moosejaw based almost entirely on gut. And, while I still believe instinct is important, you cannot fly blindly. Retail Backbone gave us visibility into reports we didn’t know existed, allowed us to be incredibly efficient in customer service and shipping and, perhaps most importantly, taught us that little is more important than having decent hair."

- Robert Wolfe Founder MooseJaw Mountaineering

"It’s not every day that you find another company that shares your vision for the future of retail and payments technology, but we have found that in Retail Backbone. They are great to work with; they are responsive and thoughtful, and our relationship has been very collaborative and strategic. Their willingness to adapt, proactive thinking for better solutions, and willingness to work together on mutual client opportunities makes Retail Backbone stand out again other companies. They have not only built a great platform, but are also a great team to work with. They understand customer pain, and will continue to evolve their products to ensure customers can focus on running their business, streamlining processes and increasing profits."

- Kevin O'Brien Business Development Director, Cayan

"There’s nothing that compares to Retail Backbone! It has eliminated 100% of the challenges we face in exchanging data, and has provided business intelligence in a format and process we could never create on our own. We value this robust solution that can quickly provide smart solutions to almost any data-centric problem. I would only recommend Retail Backbone to my friends… definitely not my competitors - it’s too powerful!"

- Mike Massey Owner Massey's Professional Outfitters

"Retail Backone’s flexibility and know how allowed us to customize our POS systems to meet the ever changing demands of our omni-channel business. The best part of our relationship with Retail Backbone is that they are not a vendor, but instead an active partner in helping us achieve business success. Retail Backbone is responsive and understanding to the needs of our business. I value most their response time and willingness to explain issues where they arise and quickly resolve those same issues. Moreover, their understanding and expertise allows Retail Backbone to avoid potential problems before they even manifest."

- Rick Russell Retail Operations and Training Manager Moosejaw Mountaineering

The big omni-channel retail software providers will tell you they have it nailed but simply they don't. Retail Backbone does. No other provider offers the balance of efficiency, flexibility and total cost of ownership that RB can. Their order management and fulfillment capabilities have been paramount in supporting the growth of our business. If we had to do it all over again, we would."

- Ken Carson CFO Moosejaw Moutaineering

"From a vendor/supplier’s perspective, Retail Backbone is a standout partner in B2B services. They possess and utilize valuable expertise in testing & monitoring to industry standards. Their networking service is both fast & reliable. Most importantly, they are a great team of people to work with!"

- Mark Blume Dealer Service Manage Patagonia